Week 5: Give more, get more: DMP win


One of the items on my DMP is giving to charity monthly. I’m starting small, because that’s what I feel my budget can take right now, but the point is I’m starting.

I set up recurring donations at Front Row Foundation and Fight for the Forgotten (who has partnered with Water4), and I’ve sent a one-time donation to Pencils of Promise, who is working with their vendors to set up a monthly recurring donation option.

These charities represent things that are important to me: Health, education and treating people like rock stars.

It feels good getting a big win!


7 thoughts on “Week 5: Give more, get more: DMP win

  1. Give more – Get more.. and it hasn’t anything to do with how much you give..
    Like on your card: Wherever I go I bring a gift. I may bring a compliment, prayer, trinket, flower… but I promise I will give to every person I encounter..
    But it is funny how we are linked to what is good enough? everything you do and give is enough.. and as you said you have started. Keep up the good work.


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