Week 14: Persistence — the ax and the oak

We’re wrapping up Scroll III of The Greatest Salesman, and then this reminder came across my Instagram feed.

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#100to0: READ CAPTION👇🏽 . EVERYONE wants to know the “SECRET” to success. . People spend their whole lives looking for it. . For years Ive thought about what I would tell someone “the secret” was if I had only a minute to tell them. . I found the answer in the Axe. . The Axe is such a simple tool, but incredible tool. . Its not complicated. . Its not fancy. . Its not glamorous. . Its IS extremely effective. . Its been a tool that's literally shaped our landscape, build civilizations and provide for families for hundreds of years. . There are four aspects to making an Axe effective: . 1. You gotta swing the Axe. No trees get cut down with the Axe laying on the ground. You gotta swing it…HARD. . EFFORT . 2. You have to hit the tree in the same spot over & over & over again. It does you no good to go up & down the tree swinging wildly. You have to hit your mark many many times. . CONSISTENCY . 3. You have to have a sharpen blade. It does you no good to pound away at a tree as hard as you can in the same spot with a dull blade. You have to be notice when the blade gets dull and take a minute, step back and sharpen it. . SELF AWARENESS & PERSONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT. . 4. Even if you swing as hard as you can, in the same spot, with the sharpest blade…cutting down a tree takes time. You cant do it in just a few swings. You have to keep going until the tree starts to fall and gravity brings it all the way down. . PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE . The Axe is amazingly simple, yet labor intensive….just like success in anything. . If you are not making the progress you think you should and cant figure out why…I 100% GUARANTEE you that the answer is in one of the 4 elements of The Axe. . My wish for you is to approach your life as a Lumberjack would approach using an Axe. . Apply these four elements to whatever you are doing and you'll find "The Secret to Success" really isn't a secret at all. . TAG 3 FRIENDS WHO NEED TO HEAR THE “SECRET” to success and Ill pick a few people for a 20 minute skype call.

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