Week 14: Lessons from Cool Runnings

Quick notes from Cool Runnings. 

1. If you start, finish.

It’s maybe the final lesson in the movie, but probably the most important. Remember Haanel saying that not finishing what you start set up a habit of ignominious failure? Those guys picking up that sled at the end and carrying it across the finish line was a reminder that the run is over when you cross the line, not when your sled crashes. You don’t have to win to succeed, but you do need to finish. 

2. Keep your friends around you.

Derrice and Sanka know each other. Well. They support each other’s dreams. They know the rest will fall into place because they hold a strong enough bond that whatever comes their way will get sucked into their tractor beam. 

3. Know who is on your team

You don’t have to like your teammates, but when you’re working toward the same goal, you have to have each other’s backs. Junior and Yule get it, eventually. 

4. Be undeniably you

After their miserable first run, Sanka reminds the crew they are Jamaican, and if they need to appear a little out of place because that’s who they are, so be it.