About Josh


Hi there! My name is Josh. I live in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Here are some of the labels I apply to myself, in no particular order:

Writer, podcaster, thinker, work-in-progress, Freemason, husband, doggy daddy, web designer, social media guy, conversationalist, accountability partner, connector, reader, self-experimenter and awesome human.

Often reading: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Tim Ferriss, Steven Kotler, Peter Diamandis. Often listening: Podcasts (Joe Rogan, Unmistakable Creative, WTF with Marc Maron, etc.); Michael Franti, Sly & the Family Stone, Tom Waits and mostly whatever Pandora spits back at me.

For the MKMMA, you can reach me at joshuanshear+mke [at] gmail [dot] com. My primary Twitter account is @joshshear and the MKE-related accounted is @joshshearmke.

Also, there’s Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn (though I don’t really come by that last one much).

More on me at JoshShear.com